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Vatican Gardens Tour and Vatican City Tours | The most complete visit to The Vatican with your private certified Vatican tour guide at your side

Private visit of The Vatican Gardens, a lifetime experience.

Vatican City and Vatican Gardens tours are one of the most sought after tours in the Vatican that offer families the chance to enjoy the treasures found behind the ancient enclosing Vatican City with the only entrance at Saint Peters Square.

Vatican Tour Service, we can provide your family with a wonderful, exciting, and detailed tour of Vatican City as well as the Vatican Gardens. Our tour guides are Official Vatican guides that know the importance of allowing each member of your family to embrace the various sights to see behind the ancient walls of Vatican City and with our guides, even the young ones will find be excited about the sights they see.

With a Vatican City and Vatican Gardens tours you will be able to
view many of the treasures as well as unique sights including such jewels as St. Peters Basilica, The Grottoes and Popes' Tombs under St Peter's Basilica, Teutonic Cemetery, Greek and Roman Statues Gallery, Egyptian mummies, Raphael Stanzas, Gallery of Maps, Painting Gallery, and the magnificent the Sistine Chapel.

After you have walked through the various rooms of the Vatican Museums and visited Saint Peters Basilica,
your official guide will then take you to one of the most beautiful gardens in the world where you will find yourself walking in the same footfalls of all the popes that have called the Vatican home. The Vatican Gardens was created in 1279 by Nicolas III when he chose the Vatican as his permanent home. Since that time, many have added fauna and flora to the Vatican Gardens, which is now home to various plants and flowers from the world. Once you begin to stroll through the gardens, you will understand why the many popes have used the gardens as a place of solitude and mediation.

For all Vatican Garden tours, reservations need to be requested 20 days in advance. Morning visits are not possible on Wednesday, Sunday, and Bank Holidays. The holidays include January 1st, January 6th, March 19th, April 9th, May 1st, May 17th, June 7th , June 29th , August 15th , August 16th , November 1st , December 8th , December 25th , and December 26th.


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