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Vatican City Tourist Information | Tour the Vatican like a local

Visit the Vatican City and enjoy the Vatican attractions and learn the secrets with your private Vatican guide

When you
visit Rome, you will notice the magnificent ancient walls that were built to separate Vatican City from Rome. Before the walls were erected, a lone church stood here built in 324AD by Emperor Constantine. The walls that you see today were started in 847 but were not completed until 855.

Today, Vatican City is home to many priceless and rare artifacts, artworks, and documents as well as being the authority of the Roman Catholic Church and the residence of His Holiness, the Pope. People from all over the world come to listen to the Pope speak and receive his blessing on Wednesday morning in Saint Peters Square and to view the many treasures that call the Vatican Home.

Vatican City is the smallest fully independent nation state in the world and is home to the Vatican Museums, Vatican Gardens, the Sistine Chapel, and Saint Peters Basilica.

Vatican Museums are home to several different artifacts and treasures throughout the 2000 rooms. Visitors can embrace the various rooms and sections including Gregorian Egyptian Museum, Gregorian Etruscan Museum, Greek and Roman Antiquities, Pio Christian Museum, Pinacoteca, Missionary-Ethnological Museum, Gregorian Profane Museum, and the Vatican Historical Museum. Each section has a new marvel to view that will truly be a new adventure. Of course, you will see such things as Egyptian mummies, tapestries, and artwork by the likes of Michelangelo and Bernini to name a few.

The best way to enjoy Vatican City is with your own personal official tour guide that will ensure you see all the sights around the Vatican including ones that you may not know exist such as the tombs of the Pops under Saint Peters Basilica. There are truly several secrets hidden behind the walls of the Vatican that will engross you to learn more about the history of the early Egyptians, the early Christians, and the Saints that walked through Rome.

Visit of The Vatican City, Rome, Italy

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