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Licensed Guides Accredited to The Vatican City | Vatican City Private Guided Tours

No lines at The Vatican! Hire your private licensed Vatican tour guide to get the most of your Vatican visit

At, you can enjoy the expertise as well as the professionalism of a licensed Vatican tourist guide. The difference between a licensed Vatican tourist guide and other tour guides is that one that has an official license from the Vatican Authorities has the education and knowledge needed to perform detailed tours of the Vatican.

With a licensed Vatican tourist guide, you will be able to enter Vatican City without standing in the long lines to enter Saint Peters Square along with receiving VIP entrances to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.

What this does for you, is the licensed Vatican tourist guide will be the only one in your group that you have met before this day. The tour will be exclusive for you, your family, or friends. The enjoyment will of course, be seeing all the sights without worrying about being pushed along the way and having your own personal licensed Vatican tourist guide by your side. The guide will of course be able to give you a detailed tour explaining all the items you see in the Vatican Museums. Many of the items home in the Vatican Museums are not labeled and without a licensed Vatican tourist guide, you may never know exactly what they are or their significance in history.

A licensed Vatican tourist guide will also be able to explain the marvelous wall panels on the Sistine Chapel and what they are depicting from the Holy Bible, including the Last Judgment painted by Michelangelo.

Your personal licensed Vatican tourist guide will also be able to take you on a tour of Saint Peters Basilica, underground to the tombs of the Popes, the Vatican Gardens, and even to the Vatican Mosaic Studio.

The best part of all of having a licensed Vatican tourist guide by your side is that you will have a professional along with you that will be courteous, knowledgeable, and will give you a tour that will come to life before your very eyes.

Official Vatican Guides Private Tours

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