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Best Way To See The Vatican | The Benefits of a private Vatican Tour with your personal accredited Vatican Guide

Private Vatican tours with your official guide of The Vatican, Vatican Tour suitable for families with children and teenagers

For those wanting a personal touch to their Vatican tour a private Vatican tour is the only way to go. With a private Vatican tour, you will have an expert professional by your side leading the way while explaining all the treasures that call the Vatican home.

There is a large array of benefits of a private Vatican tour that you may realize as well as a few that you probably never even considered. The main benefits are the personal experience you will be able to have with your own tour guide. A private Vatican tour allows you to have at your disposal an official licensed Vatican tour guide without the worry of other tourists being included in your tour. You and your family will be the ones in your private tour. This means you will have their full attention and can ask all the questions you desire, rest when you want, and of course see the sights that are most pressing for your family.

Another one of the benefits of a private Vatican tour is that you will not have to stand in long lines in order to see the sights. Remember, there will be only your small group going along to see the sights and the official tour guide will bypass these long lines. Along with bypassing all the lines, they will ensure you are never stopped by any of those tourist traps that can cause you valuable time especially if you only have a few hours to tour Vatican City.

One of the major benefits of a private Vatican tour is that you will have a professional by your side that has been licensed by the Vatican. In order to become a licensed professional tour guide, all individuals must pass strenuous oral and written exams. This ensures that tour guides holding this license is well educated and are experts in all aspects of Vatican City and Rome.

One last benefit of a private Vatican tour is the ability to work with your tour guide to ensure all the sights you wish to see are included in your tour. You will enjoy a detailed tour of all the sights around Vatican City and even some that only a few know exist.

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